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Leavers hoodies now available for Y11s. Please use the link below



What is our uniform?

Our school shirts etc can be purchased here:

If you are returning to your home school once a week then you will be expected to wear your home school uniform when you attend with us.  We want you to maintain your link with your school so that you can successfully return.  Pupils who don’t yet have a school to go to will be expected to wear our school uniform:

Uniform List (boys and girls)
  • Black or dark grey trousers, shorts or skirt

  • School shirt in black or grey

  • School sweatshirt or fleece

  • School jacket

  • Black jogging bottoms/shorts for sport or alternative provision

  • Black/grey tights/socks

  • Black or dark grey shoes/trainers

Not allowed
  • Hats/baseball caps

  • Coats on in classrooms

  • Leggings

  • "belly" tops

  • "sliders" or Crocs

Please note: if your child arrives at their provision inappropriately dressed, you will be contacted and asked to bring in appropriate school uniform for them to wear.