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Grant plan statements

Recruit, Recover, Raise Standards Plan 2023-24

Our RRRS allocation for 2023-24 is   £9391.76

The RRRS grant is to support the learning of pupils affected by the Covid lockdowns.

RRRS funding is being used this year in the following ways:

  • To provide specialist 1:1 and small group support to pupils preparing for GCSE exams

  • To fund a teaching assistant for one day a week to support pupils in targeted literacy, numeracy and wellbeing interventions.

PDG Statement
Pupil Development Grant (Education Other Than At School)

Grant amount: £37950. This is a decrease from last year’s grant which was £44565

The Bridge Achievement Centre began the school year with 68 pupils on roll in September 2023, but numbers rise throughout the year and may exceed over 100 before the end of the year. Around 60% of our pupils are eligible for free school meals. 

We provide the following support to pupils who are facing poverty and deprivation:

  • Highly individualised opportunities to access appropriate vocational training

  • Improved outcomes in literacy, numeracy and wellbeing through targeted support 

Please use this link to apply for free school meals: Apply for free school meals here